Two Years In The Forbidden City

by Princess Der Ling & Noël-Marie Fletcher


Take a journey into the world of China’s most feared Empress.

This true story takes place during the final years of China’s last dynasty. Author Der Ling, the daughter of a Chinese official, recounts her personal experiences living with one of China’s most notorious and feared rulers, Dowager Empress Tzu-hsi (Cixi).

* Illustrated with 100+ historical photographs, illustrations, and paintings from the late 1800s to early 1900s.

* Featuring interesting historical details and background about the Dowager Empress, the Boxer Rebellion, and main figures in the narrative.

To this is added a new introduction, author biography and additional historical notes by author / editor Nöel-Marie Fletcher, a former foreign correspondent in China, which provide context for this book in modern Chinese history.

This edition of “Two Years in the Forbidden City” is a vivid trip into the grandeur and intrigue of China’s last ruling dynasty.



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