Rommel: Photographer Vol. 4

Personal Encounters

by Zita Steele

Take a journey behind the camera of a world-famous military commander. Learn about the personal life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. See Rommel’s private photo collection, reunified for the first time since 1945. Never-before-seen photos and excerpts from Rommel’s private photo albums published for the first time shed light on his important relationships. Witness Rommel’s interactions with family, friends, officers and ordinary people. Features: – ideal for collectors and those who want to learn more about Rommel – 275 photos from Rommel’s personal photo albums – 125 photos taken by Rommel, including color photos – 100+ photos by author Zita Steele – with photos of key places and items in Rommel’s life  Historical photos are digitally restored and enhanced for detail. Some are colorized. Author and artist Zita Steele traveled through Germany and Austria to gain insights into Rommel’s life and experiences. She uses her expertise in social sciences, the study of people, to share new knowledge and insights about the personal life of this notable military leader.

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