Noël-Marie Fletcher, international financial journalist and founder of Fletcher & Co. Publishers.

Noël-Marie Fletcher is a journalist and producer in Europe. She served as the Acting Berlin Bureau Chief for The Times of London in December 2017, and is currently a contributor for The Times and for NBC News World. She is a member of the internationally renowned Geneva Press Club in Switzerland and through it also holds membership in the National Press Club (NPC) of Washington, D.C. and the Japan National Press Club. She is also a former member of Germany’s Nuremberg Press Club. She has global work experience with the cultures of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Noël-Marie comes from a long line of legislators, journalists and pioneers. She descends from the Fletcher, Aylett and Ballinger families of England, all noteworthy for their contributions to United States history. Her Aylett family of Virginia formed family ties with U.S. Founding Fathers, including patriot Patrick Henry. The Ballingers made numerous achievements in law, economics, journalism, and art. Noël-Marie is the eldest daughter of Lt.-Col Ray A. Fletcher Sr., a pharmacist, businessman and commander in the U.S. Civil Air Patrol. Ray raised Noël-Marie from her earliest years and she has many fond memories of her father. Her Hispanic ancestors were the Perea family of Spanish-Arab origin, who served in government under the Spanish crown and the American acquisition and were captains of business and industry.

Perea-Santa Fe
Noël-Marie Fletcher gives a presentation at The Santa Fe Trail Travelers & Descendants Conference in June 2016.

Noël-Marie holds a Bachelor’s in Journalism from San Francisco State University and specializes in writing, television, radio, photography and web media. She completed her Master’s level coursework in Journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia. She also studied the art of film as a major subject in college and worked in television in the San Francisco Bay area.

Noël-Marie is fluent in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese and has studied Russian and French. She worked in Palm Springs before working as a foreign correspondent in Asia. She worked at the Hongkong Standard newspaper covering the Supreme Court, a.k.a. the “High Court.” She learned to navigate the British legal system by reporting on a world populated by High Court justices, barristers, and solicitors. Achieving the rank of foreign correspondent, Noël-Marie specialized in business and financial news and became part of an elite American press corps. Noël-Marie developed a wide breadth of experience in communications, business, and management on an international level as she lived and worked in China, Hong Kong, and other Asian financial powerhouses including South Korea and Singapore. She has worked in Beijing as a prestigious “China correspondent,” where she delved deeper into the art and culture of Asia.

Noël-Marie has been recognized for her leadership and diverse talents at communication using writing, film, web media, and images. She has served as the head of internal and external communications for government and privately owned companies, charged with responsibility for large enterprises. Noël-Marie also writes scripts, has directed video shoots, and has a strong portfolio as a producer and journalist. She has collaborated with leaders in broadcast journalism and created scripts for Voice of America while working in China.

Noël-Marie founded Fletcher & Co. Publishers as an outlet for creative communications. As company president, she works to promote interests in international cultures, history and art. She enjoys blending her writing, journalism and photography talents and creates artwork with pen and ink techniques and pastels. She oversees all aspects of management, as well as the design and production of rare and high-quality books, including book layout and assembly, image processing and print production, editing and revision, and exterior design sizing and layout. A major recent accomplishment she made was increasing Fletcher & Co.’s production capacity and establishing the company in international markets.

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