Rommel: Photographer Vol. 1

by Zita Steele


Take a journey behind the camera of a world-famous military commander. Experience WWII firsthand from Field Marshal Rommel’s private photo collection, seized by U.S. forces in 1945. View 340+ images, including photos Rommel took during campaigns in France and North Africa and others which he collected. Join Rommel in the air and in his command vehicle as he captures majestic desert landscapes, Panzer maneuvers, battlefield action, soldiers on the frontlines, and graves of the fallen. Also included are Rommel’s personal photos of family and friends. The photos are digitally restored and enhanced for detail. Some are accompanied by Rommel’s own handwritten photo captions. Author and artist Zita Steele uses her knowledge of German language and culture, with in-depth research about Rommel and his campaigns, to provide context for the photos. Zita also analyzes patterns in Rommel’s photography to shed a unique light on the artistic personality of this notable military leader.

Features include:

  • more than 340 digitally restored and enhanced photos
  • historical facts about Rommel and his campaigns
  • in-depth analysis of photo subject matter and Rommel’s compositions
  • 8×10 size makes book easy to handle and store on shelves
  • easy-to-read print
  • illustrations
  • large, clear photos offer optimum viewing



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