Captives of the Southwest

Captives of the Southwest

by Noël-Marie Fletcher

Take a journey into the lives of people who vanished in the Wild West.

Explore true stories and eyewitness accounts of the kidnappings and experiences of Anglos, Hispanics, and Native Americans taken captive in New Mexico and the Southwest.

Each chapter takes the reader into a unique setting alongside new casts of characters—including lost settlers, greedy prospectors, elusive desert traders, vigilante lawmen, nomadic tribesmen, courageous women and resilient children.

Stunning historical and modern photographs provide vivid glimpses into the life of each captive and the environments they experienced. Features: * Rich illustrations including 115 historic photos, 14 maps, 35 news articles, 40+ modern photos and more * Interesting historical details and rare images of key people and places described *

Author/researcher Noël-Marie Fletcher provides a local perspective and expert analysis for events and stories. This book is a rare gem for readers of Wild West history containing gripping tales of adventure, hardship, courage and personal sacrifice.



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