Writing Style

Unlike some mainstream publishing houses, Fletcher & Co. Publishers does not limit itself to any particular type of genre or writing style. What we publish reflects our authors’ unique interests. Our publications include many diverse types of writing, including historical analysis, poetry, prose, foreign language translations and American slang.

Featured book: “Captives of the Southwest” by Noël-Marie Fletcher

Upcoming Comedy Fiction

Zita Ballinger Fletcher (Pen Name: Zita Steele)

Announcing our upcoming fiction comedy: “Miscast” by Zita Steele. A miscast actor causes mayhem during a televised performance, causing trouble for a playwright and shaking up the social order of a community. Anticipated publication date: March 2018.

Digital art & publishing

In addition to traditional artwork, we at Fletcher & Co. Publishers use digital artwork and computer illustrations to produce our books.

Image: A digital illustration created from a photograph in “River of My Ancestors: The Rio Grande in Pictures.”


Type & Text at Fletcher & Co. Publishers

Typography is an important aspect of the interior and exterior design of a book. It can be used purely for practical reasons or to create an artistic atmosphere. Most mainstream publishing houses are strict and limited concerning type used in publications. Fletcher & Co. Publishers employs a broad range of type and text design techniques to ensure our best work is produced.

Featured books included in our typography image:

Windows into the Beauty of Flowers & Nature

Edge of Suspicion

Diné: A Tribute to the Navajo People

Our Track Record

As of this February, we at Fletcher & Co. Publishers have published 25 books, available worldwide, in electronic and print form – overseeing every aspect of their production from start to finish, including writing/editing, cover and interior design, and multimedia marketing. We made this landmark accomplishment in a period of less than three years. We have high goals for this year as the company continues to grow.

Ruthless Shadow

Ruthless Shadow

by Zita Steele

It’s 1948. The postwar world is in chaos and Mitch Day is looking for trouble. He’s fast, dangerous, and Irish-American—he’s always been lucky. But a failed robbery attempt lands him in a small Arizona town with a dark secret. Life gets complicated when he crosses paths with two very different women—Kika, a beautiful young woman who falls passionately in love with him, and Winnie, the icy and manipulative heiress of Baylor & Cromwell Real Estate Co. In over his head, Mitch must fight his way out of a sinister situation to survive.



Murder, 1948

Our newest title available soon: “Ruthless Shadow” by Zita Steele: Irish-American criminal Mitch Day gets more than he bargained for when he gets caught up in the workings of a corrupt real estate office.

New Projects 2018

It’s 2018 and Fletcher & Co. Publishers is off to a busy start. Our new upcoming publications include the crime fiction novel “Ruthless Shadow” by Zita Steele and the historical family autobiography, “The Perea Family: A Comprehensive History,” by Noël-Marie Fletcher.

The Perea Family: A Comprehensive History

COMING SOON!The Perea Family: A Comprehensive History” by Noël-Marie Fletcher, in which the author recounts her rich Spanish heritage under the rule of Spain, Mexico and the United States through the vivid stories of her ancestors and family members in the eminent Perea family, who achieved great political and business prominence in America. (Above: Noël-Marie Fletcher presenting her Perea research at The Santa Fe Trail Travelers & Descendants Conference in June 2016.)